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You may have heard the term ‘SEO’ before but not given it much thought. Perhaps the company that designed your website tried to sell you on Search Engine Optimisation and you thought it was an unnecessary add-on. But the fact is if your website is languishing while that of your competitor is thriving, the difference can be attributed to SEO. An effective SEO campaign is what separates the digital wheat from the digital chaff. It is the wind in your website’s sails, the petrol in its tank. At Locally Searched, we specialise in transforming non-performing websites into dynamic engines for long-term success.

How We Do It

Contrary to popular belief, Google does not simply choose websites at random to place in the top tier of search results. Instead, they engage in a constant process of assessment and reassessment of every website on earth, including yours. They check the loading speed of your pages, inspect backend coding for errors, check to see if your website is mobile friendly and much more. They then assign a position in search results based on what they find. The process of bringing your site into line with what they want to see is called SEO.

Why Google Matters

While there are numerous search engines, the web search business is really a competition for 2nd place. That’s because nearly 80% of people who search for something on the internet do so using Google. By comparison, Yahoo garners around 3% of web search activity. So job 1 of the SEO company is to bring your website into line with the latest iteration of Google’s search algorithm. And that algorithm changes with vexing frequency. It’s crucial the SEO company whose help you enlist is up-to-date. That’s why you need Locally Searched.

Leading Edge SEO in Chislehurst

No other SEO company in Chislehurst has the knowledge or expertise of Locally Searched. Our team members have decades of SEO experience between them and have helped scores of businesses achieve their online goals. Don’t accept relegation to the unseen pages of search results. Talk to the professionals at Locally Searched today and start enjoying the fruits of your online labours.

Want to increase your online visibility and sales/leads?

Why choose us?

We are a local Bromley based business and know the area well

We have been running successful SEO campaigns for over 10 years

Our SEO will help you generate more website visitors and enquiries

Our social media management can improve your following and engagement

We specialise in building websites that are optimised for Google

We can work with monthly marketing budgets of all sizes

Our experience covers a wide range of business types and industries

All our services are done in-house, in Bromley by our experienced team

Our monthly reports are easy to understand, and show you progression

Get a FREE SEO website check and speed test now!

If your business website doesn’t generate the traffic, enquiries and sales that it should do through Google search, simply send your details over to us and we will run a free, no-obligation SEO overview report and send you the results that will show you what is holding your website back.



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    Search engine optimisation, social media management and Google optimised web design is our absolute passion and it shows in the work we do – our happy customers will tell you this too! Here are just a few of the many comments we receive below:

    "Our website wasn’t showing on Google before we spoke to Locally Searched, now we are more visible than ever before and have received enquiries too."

    Bev Shore

    "We don’t understand Social Media, but knew we needed to use it within our catering company. The effort Becky and the team have put into our Instagram and Facebook is brilliant."

    Tracey Lowe

    "Our website was not that great, and we needed a cost-effective solution to improve things. Locally Searched sorted our website and marketing, and we are much happier now our presence online has been brought up to date!"

    Megan Beecham

    "Great service, great people and really got our Social Media into line – its not our strong point so to have Locally Searched managing it for us is the answer to our problem!"

    Allan Smith

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    If you want to talk to us and find out about what we can do to improve your online presence and help you generate more website visitors, enquiries and leads/sales, then please get in touch with us today for a chat!

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