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You can pay handsomely for a new website, endow it with all the bells and whistles, and use it to market the world’s most interesting product or service. But without a well-considered Search Engine Optimisation plan behind it, no one will know. Search Engine Optimisation, or ‘SEO’, is what separates a successful online presence from an unsuccessful one. Without it, your website is dead in the digital water. At Locally Searched we’ve set up scores of successful SEO campaigns for companies large and small. And we can do the same for you.

Why Do I Need SEO?

25 years ago there were just over 2,700 websites in the world. Today there are an estimated 1.5 billion websites, including the world’s most popular website, Google. 25 years ago you didn’t need a way to separate yourself from the crowd. Because there was no crowd. Today, you do. And SEO is how you do it. Are you wondering why your competitor appears on page 1 of search results while your website is buried on page 10 or 11? It’s because their website has an SEO campaign behind it and yours does not.

What’s So Special About Page 1?

Nearly 80% of all people who search the internet today do so using Google. (By comparison, Yahoo only attracts 3% of web searchers.) Once Google has delivered search results, 33% of users click on the very first item listed on page 1. Fewer than 5% ever navigate as far as page 2. So the cold, hard truth is this: if your website appears on page 1 of search results, chances are your online efforts will be very successful. If, however, your website is buried on page 5 or 11, it might as well not exist.

Locally Searched Can Help

Locally Searched in West Wickham can transform your non-performing website into a pillar of your company growth strategy going forward. In spite of what some unscrupulous companies will tell you, there is no magic pill and it won’t happen overnight. But using our extensive knowledge and experience – and utilising best practices in order to protect your interests – we will get you to the top of search results. Give us a call to find out more.

Want to increase your online visibility and sales/leads?

Why choose us?

We are a local Bromley based business and know the area well

We have been running successful SEO campaigns for over 10 years

Our SEO will help you generate more website visitors and enquiries

Our social media management can improve your following and engagement

We specialise in building websites that are optimised for Google

We can work with monthly marketing budgets of all sizes

Our experience covers a wide range of business types and industries

All our services are done in-house, in Bromley by our experienced team

Our monthly reports are easy to understand, and show you progression

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If your business website doesn’t generate the traffic, enquiries and sales that it should do through Google search, simply send your details over to us and we will run a free, no-obligation SEO overview report and send you the results that will show you what is holding your website back.



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    Search engine optimisation, social media management and Google optimised web design is our absolute passion and it shows in the work we do – our happy customers will tell you this too! Here are just a few of the many comments we receive below:

    "Our website wasn’t showing on Google before we spoke to Locally Searched, now we are more visible than ever before and have received enquiries too."

    Bev Shore

    "We don’t understand Social Media, but knew we needed to use it within our catering company. The effort Becky and the team have put into our Instagram and Facebook is brilliant."

    Tracey Lowe

    "Our website was not that great, and we needed a cost-effective solution to improve things. Locally Searched sorted our website and marketing, and we are much happier now our presence online has been brought up to date!"

    Megan Beecham

    "Great service, great people and really got our Social Media into line – its not our strong point so to have Locally Searched managing it for us is the answer to our problem!"

    Allan Smith

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